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Does Chase ever forgive?


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Due to terrible investment decisions I filed Chap 7 approx eight years ago,


Started a rebuild immediately with a $20k Cap 1 Venture within 6 months. Disputing the Bk and most of the trade lines was much easier with the proper due diligence than one would think. After 4 years the reports were fairly clean with the exception of the TU BK reporting with took another three years to delete. 

Long story short I now have over $500k with no store cards. Citi, BOA, Amex etc all issued cards and all were burned fairly substantially.   

Not out of need but more of a challenge I’d like to tackle my lone holdout, JP Morgan Chase. Besides the obvious of paying the debt any particular tactics out there or is time passage the only way? Thx


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10 hours ago, StantheMan said:

any particular tactics out there or is time passage the only way?

Anecdotally, Chase will take you back after 5 years in bankruptcy discharged assuming they're not included in the bankruptcy. However, if Chase is included in the bankruptcy, I will go with Shifter's assessment duration of letting you back in.


The more Chase took the loss in bankruptcy, the longer you will be blocked.

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I burned them back in 2008 without a BK. I think I left them holding the bag for around $25k give or take. 

I got back in with an IHG card 4 years ago. Early last fall they finally let me have a CSP and CFU with instant approval. Last weekend I app for a Hyatt card and was instantly approved. 

Like anything, it’s YMMV. However I think the slot machines at Chase have loosened up a bit. I’m active on different travel blogs. People getting approvals left and right. Many approvals north of 5/24. The caveat though, is I believe the people have clean or very close to clean reports. 

Chase also handing Ink’s like candy. 

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