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Credit Reports (not free)


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Its been a year, and I need a new copy of my credit report for 2023.  Please tell where I can pay to obtain credit reports.  I don't want the free reports or to sign up with any monitoring, et.  Just pay and go for faster credit replies.  Please send me the link where i can get the 4 CB reports for a fee.



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29 minutes ago, debtstopay said:

Thanks - Does anyone have the mailing address and cost amounts for each of the 4 CBs?



You provide the mailing address. You're the one receiving the envelope after all. Cost is variable but minimal. 

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Here's Innovis, their reports are free.


Innovis Consumer Assistance

PO Box 530089

Atlanta, GA 30353-0089


According to the website, "Innovis offers free copies of your Innovis Credit Report."


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On 1/23/2023 at 10:50 AM, shifter said:

Not recommended for disputes as that gives them 45 days to respond. 


Two questions:


1. How can they know you're using the free report for the information you're disputing? I never include any kind of confirmation or report number in my communications with them. Granted, I haven't yet had a problem with responses past 30 days, so I haven't had to press them on it. 


2. Does the 45 day rule apply only to the first correspondence with regard to the hard copy report in question? When they include the new reports in the first response, couldn't one then use that new number/information and be back on the 30 day dispute resolution schedule?


There's probably a long thread about this isn't there? 😂 Go ahead and link it, and I'll quit glutting this one up with already-answered questions. 


Xo, Ag

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I don't really know if/how they check it or if that really matters. If push comes to shove the burden of proof is on you to show they only had 30 days to respond and didn't do so and therefore the TL should be deleted. If you only have an ACR report, I don't see how you could prove it. 

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Being companies that manage data, there is potentially a way for them to track when was the data was last accessed, and what was the source, the actual CB, ACR.com, or even Credit Karma.  So when a dispute is received, they check where the last pull came from, and can determine time based upon that.   

But agreed, burden of proof is on the person submitting the request.  

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