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Rampant retail theft making inflation worse, threatens bleeding businesses, economists say


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Rampant retail theft making inflation worse, threatens bleeding businesses, economists say


Honestly for years, most shop lifting has been treated with nothing more than a proverbial slap on the wrist.


I've got some ideas to curb it. Albeit they would be considered unconventional amongst those who think riff raff should get at least 150 second chances.

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For years, we had some of our 254 Counties that actually used the enhancement provisions available under Texas law...didn't matter how minor the dollar amount on the third offense, you were enhanced to a State Jail Felony (up to two years without the prospect of parole).  Enterprising DA's would use other available felony convictions to enhance someone to the real prison rodeo terms...


Amazingly enough, those jurisdictions don't have near the issues as the soft-on-crime locales.


Same sort of effect in the county just north of Houston that was having issues with the thug element coming north to victimize shop-owners and patrons.  There is now a billboard at the County Line reminding such people that they are entering the County and they PROSECUTE.  In some cases, some never made to the court, having been shot while trying to ram LEO vehicles to get out of a parking lot. 



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I went to CVS today to stock up on some OTC meds. I wanted quantity, and they happily obliged to go to the back to get more. To limit the losses, they are not stocking the shelves deep on a lot of things.


I can't remember where I was at, but the Walgreens had 90% of the store under lock and key. I chatted with manager about it. He said, despite the large outlay of money to lock everything down, our profits are way up, and shrinkage is way down. Experimental thing. Doubtful it would be rolled out everywhere.


A manager at the grocery store near me, would like to go back to the grocery store model of 100 years ago. EVERYTHING is behind a counter. You want a can of peas, or a box of Kotex, you have to ask for it.

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The problem is that people see shoplifting as some sort of game.
They show no remorse for stealing things.

Hell, one of my daughters friends BRAGS about what she makes off with.  (well, not really "friend", more like acquaintance, someone she went to school with) 


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