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Where to finance these days?


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10 hours ago, nolanryan said:

I’m looking to finance a $70k vehicle with $30k down. Scores are 775-800. Any go to places for best rates that everyone is using these days?

I would check the CUs you're a member of and perhaps bankrate. A lot will depend on the term you want to carry.


Patelco will run a pre-qual if you want to see what it'll offer you. https://apply.patelco.org/nextgen#/flows/consumerloan/cmr-personal-info



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1 hour ago, nolanryan said:




Based on some of Marv's comments on other threads, I would HIGHLY recommend you begin by asking the F&I guy or gal if they will take a check from another lender.  Some are not willing to do so...with inventory shortages, they have the upper hand. 


That said, if you auto-enhanced score is actually where you claim it to be, you would likely be Tier 1 and qualify for the best rates through the captive, so I would check on that before doing ANYTHING else.

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On 11/10/2022 at 11:36 PM, nolanryan said:

I ended up financing with American Airlines Credit Union. They has the best rate as far as I could find


61 to 72 months at 3.75% and an additional .25% discount if you do auto draft.


Just sharing for others if needed.

Since it appears you are only financing $40K (given the reference to $70K with $30K down), please tell us you intend to have this paid long before the fifth year has even come to a close...it makes no sense to drag a small purchase out to anything longer.

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