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What information does a credit union/bank give to JDB? (i.e. from NFCU to LVNV)


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I have a CO credit card from NFCU with last payment being Dec 2018.

I recently began getting e-mails that LVNV had purchased this debt, and a week later I received a dunning letter.

What's interesting is the dunning letter also included "validation notice" which seems to have all the information that would be required for a "DV"

My question is, what information is given to LVNV (the JDB) from NFCU? I was in a dark place before and didn't look at my credit for years, but I'm convinced there are fraudulent charges on my (previous) credit card but I cannot see any list of itemized charges.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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1) you are going to need more than a hunch to claim fraudulent charges forming any part of the balance

2) statements would have been provided and a reasonable court is going to hold you were given timely notice of the charges AND the right to dispute

3) kitchen sink is not required to meet the very low bar of 'validation'

4) prior statements would not be required outside of litigation

5) you may reasonably presume, in this era of cheap data storage, that they have been given things like statements by the credit union

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3 hours ago, legaleagle2012 said:

They usually send them the complete file for any accounts they purchase. If you want something specific, you have to file a discovery request.

Thank you LE, I called the bank yesterday and they said the same. My account was purchased by LVNV, it's not on my credit report yet but they've sent me several emails and a dunning letter that already had the "validation letter" included

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