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Deleting EX addresses with credit freeze on Lexis Nexis, Innovis, SageStream & ARS


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Pulling EX report, I see many old addresses, some linked to 5 year old (Charge Offs) COs. Strategy is to:

1. establish a new mailing address in my Experian credit profile.  (already done)

2. freeze all reporting in: 

Lexis Nexis: https://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/fo...

Innovis: https://www.innovis.com/securityFreez...

SageStream: https://www.sagestreamllc.com/securit...

ARS: https://www.ars-consumeroffice.com/se...


Then, I go back to EX and dispute - attempt delete all old addresses by having issued a freeze on all the aforementioned credit bureaus.  -- CB cannot cross reference COs

3. Dispute accuracy of COs, 

4. Dispute the 1 collection.


Wait 60 days, rinse and repeat steps #3 and #4


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Good plan but you missed one step which is HUCA with EX agents if they won't ablidge and remove your address because it's ties to a derog. Tell them you already contacted the OC with your address change and they said they submitted it. If they refuse to submit the dispute HUCA. You will find one that will submit it and get the address removed.


However, the problem you're going to have is if you have any accounts with that address on file that are updating monthly. Even closed CO accounts sometimes update monthly and will continue to push that address back onto your reports.


Also, even getting the address removed isn't going to be a panacea for getting those accounts removed. You're still going to have to find a legitimate reason for dispute.

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thank you; I just got off the phone with EX and successfully deleted all previous TL addresses, hard copy of EX report in the mail 7-10 days; then I re-evaluate the list of addresses.  There should be only one address, the latest new one.


I will wait to see if the end of November credit report shows any addresses.


will re-dispute the 5 year old collection after report received in the mail.  

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13 hours ago, ayapaq said:

will re-dispute the 5 year old collection after report received in the mail.  

Using what method? The problem with disputing previously and having it be verified when the address was there is that history remains. It's not like they forget that they already verified the account using the address that you had on file. One of the most important parts of credit repair is doing things in the proper order. 

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