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Authorized User Necessary anymore?


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About three years ago when my wife and I started our respective (Credit) journeys, we became authorize users on each other's CapitalOne rebuilder card.  

Long story short, we are both in the 750's FICO range and:


I have 5 cards now, in addition to the Capital One Rebuilder.


She has 3 cards now, in addition to the Capital One Rebuilder.


We are authorized users on all of these cars of ours lol.


I thought that it would make sense in the past to be authorized users To make it look like we have more credit between us then it really was.  We know that that wasn't fooling anybody but we still thought it made our credit reports look better.


Now I think it just makes a Credit Reports look messy with all these extra authorize user accounts.


Or does it?  I'm thinking about closing all the AU accounts now that we can have our own credit cards, since there's no longer any advantage (real or perceived) from having extra card accounts appearing on our credit history. What do you guys think? Should I close them or leave them be?  Thanks!

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There was once a time when a few AU cards would allow you to establish your own creditworthiness and successfully apply for your own cards.  That is usually not the case anymore.  A lot of credit card companies will ignore AU accounts on those without their own accounts reporting.  Some card issuers, such as UMB, will even count your AU accounts and hen deny you for having too much available credit due primarily to the AU accounts.


Still, AU accounts can be a benefit.  While some issuers will ignore them when determining your creditworthiness, they will generally use the AU credit limits when determining your initial credit limit on an approved application.   


I would probably not close those accounts.  I have a tendency to not close anything unless absolutely necessary.  Having a ton of accounts on your credit reports will not kill you.  Well, unless you apply for UMB.  But then who is stupid enough to apply for a UMB card?

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Keep the AU's for the sake of age.  One frustration with closing an AU card is that the issuer tends to then instruct the CRA's to remove the tradeline completely ... immediately killing any contribution to average age.


For what it's worth, the removal is a godsend when it comes to an AU on which you're established, and the account owner has screwed up,  having incurred delinquencies and/or is carrying a high balance.  But otherwise, it's a shame.

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