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Discover card (secured) to unsecured


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Discover is interesting. I like their service, their products, but I hate their secured card.  Why? I had it for over FIVE years secured.  I then *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*ed and complained (lack of better terms), so my card was unsecured. However, i could only go from $200 secure to $350 unsecured.  Frustrated with credit limit requests that went NO WHERE, I closed the account. Two days later, I reapplied for the same card with better terms. Got INSTANT approved for $7000!!!  0% interest for first fifteen months too!!!!


Look. I've been here since 2004, but I never knew what I know now, so I've got way WAY better tradelines.  I refuse to get indebted the size of my annual income in credit cards.  Keep going!!!

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Thanks. I wish I had known that two years ago lol, but its amazing that I got my first $2000, then $5k, now a $7k. Will transfer a few balances and close Merrick.  Could also do both Capital Ones. I'm looking for one card to exceed both, as I have two from Capital One and Credit One.

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20 minutes ago, RehabbingANDBlabbing said:

Some of their 5% categories are good. For example, they are doing 5% back on mobile wallet purchases next quarter. That’s an easy $75 on pretty much anything.


Yes, you are right.  Disco does have its advantages.  

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