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My wife's sister died and her credit card used the next month.


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My wife's sister died back in July. She was in home hospice briefly with a rare, endocrine, disease. Quite unexpected because she had just visited us a month earlier.


The next month her credit card was used to purchase a lot of odds and ends totaling about 20 purchases for just under $2k. She lived about 500 mi. from us and my wife had traveled up there twice to help her out and arrange for home hospice, and once more after she died. No idea where her credit card is or was. We didn't think about that at the time.


Actions: Another sibling is dealing with the estate and trust and I have forwarded a link to CRAs to report the death. Apparently the SSA takes a really long time to notify the CRAs so best to do it directly. Also, the CC statement which has the clearly fraudulent charges that were initiated about 3+ weeks after the sister died. The CC statement has instructions for disputing those charges. That's being done.


Optionally, a police report could be filed but not required since the charges occurred well after the death. OTOH, It's really disgusting someone would do this and it's obviously someone that had access to her home and knew here serious condition. Probably not enough to get law enforcement's attention if she did file a report.


Any suggestions? Not something I've ever encountered before.

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She had a few other family visitors but most of the people there were fixing up the place to make it habitalble. She was a horder and there was a lot of work to do. My wife did most of this. 


There were also some 7/24 hospice care folks. Wife can't believe they would do this but wh knows. My wife was able to get an atty. to come in and draw up a trust/will to do what her sister wanted while she still had her wits. She wanted to give various things to friends and that wouldn't have happened if she had died intestate.


























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2 hours ago, hegemony said:

I would make sure someone files a police report as this is probably not the person's first time conducting this worse of the worst type of theft.

Right now the executor (her brother) is trying to make sure everything is accounted for and getting her condo sold. Complicated because he lives in a different state so is working with lots of others. One is under contract but these things sometimes fall through. He may file a police report when he has time. First I've made sure he disputes the charges as fraud with the bank and notifies Experian. They will notify the other CRAs. Needs to pull a report to make sure no one else is opening accounts in her name. Apparently that is a thing with people scouring obits for names.


Wife is feeling sad remembering her sister's visit in May. We were both worried about her at the time. Still, the two sisters got along great the time she was here. Not always the case in the past. Lots of mixed emotions.


Wife did right by her by getting a lawyer and making sure she had her estate go to those she wanted, not just her siblings which would have happened otherrwise under the intestate laws. Proud of her.

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1 hour ago, legaleagle2012 said:

Make sure the attorney knows about this.

About the CC fraud? Pretty sure the brother can deal with this. Laws are straightforward and he's well within cc SOL.


If the estate issues. There aren't any. The main difference between intestate division and what the sister desperately wanted to do was to make sure a more distant relative's family she was close to was helped out. Hence the wife's getting an estate lawyer to make sure her wishes were set up. Net result is that my  wife and her siblings get somewhat less than an intestate division because that would have just split things with the siblings.


The brother handled their parents trust so he's pretty familiar with the process.

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On 9/10/2022 at 6:33 AM, hegemony said:

I would make sure someone files a police report as this is probably not the person's first time conducting this worse of the worst type of theft.


Definitely!  The scumbag needs to get clobbered!!

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Odd about the delay in death reporting...when dad passed, I had suggested mom print copies of the reports just to be safe.  She waited a few days and we could not access a couple of them online precisely because the death was posted.  She also learned that Disc had treated her as an AU instead of a joint cardholder on an account that went back to the original Sears ownership days.  That card was ALSO canceled within less than 72 hours of the death.  In dad's case, the death was in a hospice facility, not with a home hospice provider.


However, home hospice providers have been known, sadly, to take identifying information of those in the waning days or even just outright steal the cards to use later. 


The executor of the estate is often the best one to deal with the issue.  They are often also the ones the police will listen to...provided you are somewhere that still believes in justice. 

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