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Advanced Scams to get banking info: fake job recruitment


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Scammers are posing as fake recruiters, conducting staged interviews - and hiring - as part of an ID theft scheme. 




Got  banking info and driver's license.




When Narisa Kiattaweesup checked her email earlier this month, she was pleased to see an invitation to interview for a product design manager position at software company Splunk.


Her delight turned to horror, however, when she discovered the following week that she was the target of an elaborate identity theft scam. 



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This is possible because companies have these third party contract recruiters that are many times from overseas particularly India for their job placements. If one were to contact that company's HR, they'd be either get no response, or deny there being a job open. Also I think a hiring manager might go around their HR because of whatever procedures are in place for hiring or just nothing in the line item for additional employees and put said hire into a 1099 role and pay out of a different line item on the spreadsheet.

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This is "possible" specifically because the targeted candidates likely have no "real world" experience with corporate recruitment/hiring.  Practices that would trigger suspicion in someone with just a year of corporate experience fly under the radar with these candidates, who even if they question something on the spot the "recruiter" is likely ready with a remotely plausible explanation.


I've never been recruited through a third party recruiter, so I can't speak to possibilities in that scenario.  However, I guarantee that the scenario alone would have had me going in for a deep dig, even at age 22.  But, of course, I'm reflecting 40 year old biases here; couldn't begin to suggest how tech recruits today.


Still, a legitimate tech recruiter would be most sensitive to scams in operation and should be very receptive to any request to validate their identity and the legitimacy of the job (well beyond what a scammer would be prepared to do).

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