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I got in with Chase!


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I was messing around with credit pulls to see if there was anyone that would play nicely with my new scores. Apparently we don't have many members from my state so I used MA which is geographically closer than NY and it looked like Chase pulled EQ. So I went looking for a pre-approval. Couldn't find one, but figured what the heck. All they can do is say no and I have less than 5 inquiries on EQ.  They pulled TU!  Best laid plans. Anyway, I was surprised and got approved for the Slate Edge card with a $3000 limit, my highest in pretty much forever.  I'll stop now. This is two new cards in 2 months. That's enough until 2023. 

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24 minutes ago, shifter said:

Gut feelings are ill-advised in the credit game. Always come with a solid game plan. 

Sorry. I can't play that way. If I over think it I come out the loser. The plan was to get a card by Chase. Which one did not matter much to me. I did what I set out to do. Will that work for everyone? No, absolutely not. I'm not advising anyone to play my way. 

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