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Served - Medical Debt from 2019 Hospital Never Filed Insurance

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I didn't see this scenario in my search or the Help, I've Been Served thread so hoping for some experience in this sub-forum. 

5/3/2019 had a scar revision surgery as a follow up to a medically covered surgery the year before. This surgery and the associated costs would have been covered by my insurance. The invoice copy I obtained from the hospital shows "Benefits Assigned" at the top, and at the bottom, there is no line item for insurance coverage or denial, merely a line that states "Adjustment Self Pay". The insurance provider has been unable to find any record of a claim filed by the provider. We are now beyond the time limit (12 months) of filing for either the provider or myself. 

Anyone here have experience I should consider in my approach to responding? I was served today and the court date is in two weeks. 

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I can't believe that the 1st notification you have had of this issue is a Court service. Are you sure you have had NO other communication from whomever is suing you?? Are you sure that you are actually BEING sued?? Check with the Court and make sure that this isn't some kind of fake scam from a JDB (junk debt buyer) . Get your credit reports and see if there is anything on there about this issue. 




If you are actually being sued.--Re-check ALL your records from your Health Insurance Co. AND your car insurance. They are required to maintain records for 5 years. Get your EOMBs (explanation Of Medical Benefits) from both of them. Get a lawyer to respond or go to the "Help I've Been Served" forum in this site to learn how to file your own answer.



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