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Synch Love Button Works Again


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In the process of buying land/construction loan/mortgage and needed to make the FICO 04 scores a bit better because rates are on the climb. A 620 04 middle is pretty retched and as low as a lender will look at. I was 660 middle score. Needed 700’s to save a few % to build what I want... Ironically, same 08 was already in 720 range. I paid off some more debt to have my overall utilization around 8% just on one card and no surprise that was what the 04 wanted.


I can’t apply for any new credit so I went on the hunt for CLI’s since I’ve had no love in a while. I have a 15K NFCU CLOC (0 bal) and my NFCU rewards was stuck at a 4K CL. For a couple of years I tried to get a CLI and I got the letter saying I was at their max limit. 

As part of the pay down I paid that card to zero last May. Waited a month and hit the request for 15K it was approved after it was manually reviewed. Not an instant decision but saw it the next day. 


I let that report and decided I would try ol synchrony who the last three years treated me like a horrible person. CLD to the balance, auto closed two cards and would not CLI for anything. It seemed like the request denial would happen before I hit the submit button. :)


I have a CareCredit from 2016 - was a 15k limit chased to 3300 in 2019.. Paid to zero. Asked for 20K and it countered to 15.


Lowes card from 2016, was 10K CLD to 1K in 2019 or early 2020.. asked for 20k and it countered at 15k.


So moral of the story, for me anyways, Synchrony will love you back with low util and with other limits increasing at other creditors even if they have spat on you and treated you like poo for many years. It feels good to be loved again.


Now if I could only get this DCU card past 10K without a hard inq. :)


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You will do it! Synch is a weird beast. I loved them for a long time and they killed me. My utilization got a little high in 19 with moving and other things. Nothing crazy, I wasn’t maxed out but I owed a lot across a lot of cards. When they chopped my head off it killed my util ratio because I had like 5 cards with 10k+ limits that was padding the util.


Of course that set off a a chain of events from other creditors.


I fully expect them to close the accounts in the next months when the construction LOC reports. 

For right now though, it feels good to not be trash in synchs book. 

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I guess I was out of touch ... didn't realize that there was a snag on Synch CLI's (although I gather your focus is on "LUV" post adverse action).


In January, Sync approved a request to bump Bev's 8 mo old Verizon, from 9500 -> 16000 (soft).

They continue to refuse to bump her 7 yr old Amazon Store above $10k, despite very active use (clearly capped)


That's a little frustrating because the Verizon use is limited to $200/mo; the Amazon has been above $1k.



In any case, best regards in your mortgage quest!!

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