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I would most heartily recommend BofA, as they tend to be more "on your side" than the other cc issuers.





You want to use the secured card to get in with "legit" lenders, who offer higher quality products that your secured card can graduate/PC into, or that you'll more easily get approved for down the road 'cause you've built a history with the lender.


(Nothing like that can happen for you at First Premier or CreditOne.)


Chase's Slate Edge card is aimed at starters & rebuilders; and Chase also is a good outfit to get in with:



Stay away from Citibank; back when I was where you are they actually TURNED ME DOWN for a SECURED card; even once they were in possession of the bank money order I'd sent in.


The other worthwhile issuer to look at is US Bank:




Good luck with your efforts.




p.s. stay way the hell away from First Premier and CreditOne.

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1 hour ago, Sidewinder said:

Stay away from Citibank; back when I was where you are they actually TURNED ME DOWN for a SECURED card; even once they were in possession of the bank money order I'd sent in.


I'm aware of your distaste for Citi based upon a handful of incidents over the years.  (and I did a little refresher of back posts just now ...)


Your Citi denial dates back to pre-2005 and was with a WaMu credit card product managed out of the Citi portfolio at that time.  I'll suggest that more recent anecdotes with Citi's own secured product generally are positive and I personally recommend the card to those looking to rebuild.


That said, I'm not suggesting that your experiences with Citi and your take on them aren't legitimate.  Citi clearly hasn't been a good fit for you and you're entitled to share that experience.

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I have been down this road (recently).  One would assume that a secured approach should be gravy, but it is not.  When you are at a 500 score, you are the kid that gets picked last at dodgeball.  You want to have something positive on your profile, anything at all.  You could owe 500k in collections, but without a little positive, it is an uphill battle.

When I was in "jail" like you are, I resorted to a service that reports your rent payments on your credit report.  There is another service that will let you lend money to yourself, to get reported on the big 3.  Do what it takes.  If you are sitting at 500, there is something bad going on that you have to fix.

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The ideal solution is to check with the small, local bank with whom you should ALREADY be doing business.  Their officers are in the best position to gauge capacity and character.  They are ALSO the ones more likely to run a combination of a secured loan and secured card...you basically do a CD-secured loan and take THOSE proceeds to plow into their secured card.  The rewards may not be great, but the fees also tend to be next to non-existent AND you develop further your relationship with the bank or CU, something that typically can be helpful down the road...

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On 5/17/2022 at 8:04 PM, debtstopay said:

I have a score in the 500 range. Want to get a secured credit card while rebuilding my credit. Can you recommend a good list of secured credit cards? Please share a link or location.




See, stay.


The hell.




From Citibank.








(You heard me.)

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I recommend the Citi Secured, got it in 2019 with a score in the low 500's.  No AF and its a major bank issuer known for converting to unsecured.  It was a bit of a process, but worth it.

U.S. Bank secured is also good, i had it in the past.

Capital One Platinum/Secured is also no brainer, I'd try that first.


Worst case scenario if you can't get one of the above, Open Sky Visa opens with no credit check and functions like a normal credit card without subprime bs.

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*added links per OP's request*
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