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Citi ,Discover & BOA blaklists after charge off? How did you get back in?


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I have a CITI & BOA unpaid 3k & 5k charge off from approximately 8+ years ago. They won't even approve me for a secured card.  They do pull my credit when I apply.


I had a Discover charge off from about 2 years ago that I did pay off in full and they won't approve me for anything either.

Im assuming I'm black listed. How long did you wait and is there some type of work around?


Thank you

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2 hours ago, RehabbingANDBlabbing said:

Bank of America has a pretty long memory, IMO. I had a charge off with them in 2017. It was settled, but they won't give me a secured card, yet. I have heard it's 4-5 years for them if you pay the charge off, but it is much longer if you don't pay it or discharge it in bankruptcy. 

Mine was IIB. They made me mad on the banking side a few years before my BK, so it hasn't been a big priority for me to give them any more of my business :P


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On 3/26/2022 at 3:15 PM, hegemony said:

Citi took me ~ 10 years. I'm not sure about BOA or DISC

You did well. Citi took me 22 years and then only through them taking over the Costco cards from Amex!!! For 22 years they kept citing a bankruptcy from the 1980's. After they had the Costco account they started offering me all of their cards on a pre-approved basis. I've declined their offers and have blacklisted them!

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