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Verizon Wireless Charge Off/Diversified Adjustment


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So on all 3 of my reports is a Verizon Wireless Charge Off for $60 that is being reported/updated monthly. It was reported around May of 2020..


So a month ago, I sent Verizon Wireless a letter stating that I believe the account was in error because my last payment with them SHOULD have covered everything that was due. I sent them proof of that payment and the amount.


Never heard back from them.


So today I decided to call the number on my credit reports, and it tells me that "this account has been placed with an outside collection agency, Diversified Adjustment Services, and their number is 866-923-2453, transferring you to Diversified Adjustment Services now..."


Diversified Adjustment is NOT on my credit reports, and Verizon is still reporting a $60 every month.




From my understanding, if Verizon has sold the account, they should be reporting a $0 balance....


Should I contact Diversified Adjustment Services or try another Verizon contact to see if they own the debt and etc?



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Your credit report will say if the account was sold. OC will show a zero balance if so. Unlikely, never heard of Diversified being a JDB. As for V, take them to arbitration along with their crook collection agency. They have a very interesting arb clause that says you can get 5K from them if you win. I bet that changes their tune. If they refuse to arbitrate, I would take that as a scenario where you won. Then you can sue them for breach of contract and try to get the 5K. Ain't life grand when you know what you're doing? of  course you have to be able to prove what you posted here.

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The last post in this topic was posted 813 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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