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closed trial collection account


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I tried a 100 day trial for a mattress and didn't relies I was basically  taking out a small loan. Before the trial ended I refunded the mattress and they gave me back my money and now I have a closed installment account on my report.  All my payments where on time I just want to remove the closed account from my Experian credit report. My original dispute was rejected does anyone have any suggestions?

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What legitimate basis do you believe you have to dispute it?  I would venture to say they have a signed Agreement creating the contract between the parties.  If you didn't pay cash, then you financed it.  When you returned it, they refunded the amounts paid and closed the matter out, leaving you with a zero balance.  The presence of the loan potentially benefits you going forward for the next decade anyhow, especially since I doubt it says you returned anything...my guess is it just shows you paid it and it was closed in a matter of a few months.

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