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FICO scores and utilization


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I have access to possibly the best CR to test utilization on FICO.  The CR has ONE and I do mean ONLY ONE tradeline being an 8 year old Capital One secured card.  Here are the results with varying levels of utilization 100% gives one 697, 50% gives 717, 30% gives 730, 0% gives 768.  The credit limit on the card is $2,500.  


Also was able to look at some old CRs which the person was generous enough to share FICO scores with me.  In short, ANY and I do mean ANY derogatory means a MINIMUM of a 50 point drop.  The FICO score went up 50 points as soon as the last derogatory fell off the CR.  A 2010 filed BK resulted in a FICO score of 498 with 50K+ of charged off debt.  


This isn't an ideal CR but from the point of doing some tests on FICO then it can hardly be beat.



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