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Secured Discover Card Question


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My first card that I opened last Aug was a secured Discover card.  I put $500 on it and moved on.  I've picked up a Cap1 Quicksilver One card and an AMEX Blue Cash card since then.  I got an email from Discover saying I could get my security deposit back in as little as 2 months based on their credit pulled on 1.8.22.  I thought that was at 8 months but no big deal.  So my question, is it worth adding to security deposit in a attempt to get a higher credit line or do they just look at your history and scores for the credit line increase?  The Cap1 Quicksilver One and an AMEX are up for review in early March.  From what I've read, I'm not expecting to see much with the Cap1 but I'm hoping to get the x3 increase on the AMEX.  All are used monthly and PIF.    

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15 hours ago, Alex said:

I think the max on that secured card is $500. If you can get your security money back and keep the card than you should do that.

It's $2500 max.  Figured it wouldn't hurt to add to it before it goes unsecured in late Feb / early March.  I put another $1000 on it Friday afternoon, figure I'll add another $1000 mid Feb to max it out.  Even if they don't do a CLI when it goes unsecured I'll at least have it at $2500. 


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