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IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online


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IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online




Users attempting to log in to their accounts using ID.me will have to create an account with the company by uploading either a driver’s license, passport, or passport card. Users are then told to use a cellphone camera or their computer’s webcam to take a selfie. According to ID.me’s website, the company uses a face match facial recognition system to verify the selfie matches the provided government document. If approved in ID.me’s system, users can then use these credentials to verify their identity across any of ID.me’s partners.


If ID.me’s system fails to verify a selfie or flags other issues that could be considered fraud, the user may then join a recorded video call with an ID.me representative called a “Trusted Referee.” ID.me claims it has verified more than 2.8 million people through these referees and has begun implementing some in-person identity verification options across the country.

seems like a solution looking for a problem.

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I've used such a service with certain fintech companies when I have gotten locked out of my accounts. Synchrony did this as well for me to open an account a while back. I changed my phone number last year and it was a real pain in the behind because everything uses 2FA now, so I got locked out of a few things. I can't say I mind the IRS doing this though because I have previously been unable to do anything with them online. They always asked for two methods that never worked for me. The first one was matching my phone number to my name, which didn't work because I am on a family plan in my DH's name. The second method was to type in a credit card number that is on my credit report. I couldn't ever get either method to work, but I have had luck with the selfie/ID system for other services, so maybe this will be a positive change.

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