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Reinsertion of both fraud and old accounts


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Happy New Year!


I had a few weird things happen in the past few days.  I got emails from Experian saying my disputes have been processed.  I found that both old accounts I had disputed off and fraud accounts had been reinserted.


When I called about the fraud accounts I was given the run around and told that I could not dispute them.


A.  I can't seem to get clarification of reinsertion procedures.  Can someone verify?  (I have searched the site and still am a bit confused!)


B.  Why am I getting pushback on the fraudulent accounts?  Is there some new procedures with Experian?  These are really hurting me and I am confused.


Thank you!

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When did you submit the police report and fraud affidavits? 


Is it actually the same entity reporting or was the can kicked down the street and someone else is now reporting? 


For legitimate fraud, the phone drones are never going to be your friend.  Ideally, that is the scenario where you WANT to be in Special Handling since that often gets a State-side rep.  But where legitimate fraud exists, sometimes you just have to pony up and file suit.

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Centex and Marvbear,


Thank you so much for the advise!  I have not been able to get back online in the past few days, hence, my late response.


It is the same entity that reinserted.  The accounts were not transferred to any collection agencies.  


I have an old affadavit and police report from 2017 and then when updated it in early 2020.  But, when an item appeared on my report I resent the police report and affadavit and that is when stuff just got reinserted.


It is a nightmare.  Legitimate fraud should not be so difficult.  I had a person in special handling at Experian saying that I can do nothing as my account is blocked from doing so????  If that makes sense!!!

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Forgive me for asking, but do you understand what a Tradeline reinsertion is?   I'm just trying to check with you to be sure. 


The Tradeline you claim to be reinserted, is it identical to the prior deleted Tradeline character for character?  Also, a reinsertion implies a prior deletion, so do you have a copy of the reinvestigation results letter where the CRA stated the deletion?

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