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Apple Card


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If you have an existing relationship in good standing with a creditor, there are companies that will do a soft pull and may issue a card based on that. 

Since the Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs, expect the hard pull every time and no automatic CLIs. I've had one since the early days and use it only for a recurring monthly charge. When I bought my latest Mac a month ago, I used AMEX for the points.  

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There was no prequal process when I applied for an Apple card  last month.  There is an initial soft pull after you apply, but then a hard pull if/should you choose to move forward with their approval offer. 


They soft pulled from TU. It showed up under Account Review Inquiries. Unfortunately, I did not get an offer because their system continues to state it is unable to verify my identity. This is despite the fact that all the info in my app matches that under my TU report. Apparently, that's not an uncommon refrain from other applicants who can't get past the first soft pull process. 


Account Review Inquiries

The listing of a company's inquiry in this section means that they obtained information from your credit file in connection with an account review or other business transaction with you. These inquiries are not seen by anyone but you and will not be used in scoring your credit file (except insurance companies may have access to other insurance company inquiries, certain collection companies may have access to other collection company inquiries, and users of a report for employment purposes may have access to other employment inquiries, where permitted by law).

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Inquiries do not hurt and they are healthy if you are not applying to a million cards.


That said, there was a way to do this in the beginning when Apple card just came out. PROCEED with caution...


They DID a soft inquiry to see if you qualify and if you actually apply after pre-qual, they did a HARD inquiry. They pulled TU in most cases and after the soft inquiry, some of them scary cats froze the TU report to avoid Hard inquiry.


NOT SURE if that is still the case, but if you want the card, go for it.


Good for 0% on apple products with 3 to 5% cash back, and is daily on purchase, is the only benefit I see with this card. Hate it use it at any other place for a mere 1%.. yikes....

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The last post in this topic was posted 731 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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