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    • By racer7949
      Consumers did great job paying down credit card debt during pandemic. That may be ending.
    • By princedazzler
      Ive had the Citibank Double cash card for over 2 years now with a measly $2060 credit limit and with high 700 credit scores,  6 figure yearly income and only 2% Utilization on 18 credit cards, Mortgage and no late payments
      These suckas keep declining me for a simple credit limit increase..   Sock drawer it goes.. F Them!!!   Im not saying im entitled  But dang  I KNOW im atleast a good candidate for  Hell a $1000 increase atleast..sheesh  smh
      Anybody else want to weigh in on this?
    • By djplourd
      Ok, I just got an unsolicited $5,000 CLI on my CITI Simplicity MC, bumping me up to $23,000.  I have been using this card recently because they gave me a 0% on all purchases and BTs deal until April 2021.  This has come in handy, as we're selling our house and had to make some repairs along with paying moving and storage costs.  The CLI is just gravy on top.
    • By Macrophage
      Hi there,

      For a few years now I have been in credit card debt with Gap. I had gone through a period paying some of it off to the creditor, Synchrony Bank, then for other reasons became broke and started to neglect my finances.  After several months of radio silence with the store and the creditor, I received this email by a third party, TrueAccord, claiming the creditor, LVNV Funding LLC, now has my account and may take legal action. These agencies look legitimate through my own background check but I'm still suspicious they didn't contact me by mail and I also want to be sure they have the correct information on my case. 

      Fortunately, I am now in a position where I can make payments again and would like for this to be a one-time settlement to whom ever holds my account. 
      Can anyone vouch for Trueaccord and LVNV Funding LLC and for those that have been in a similar situation how should I proceed? 
      Any advice will be helpful.
    • By hegemony
      Credit Cards Start Cutting Limits for People Facing Tough Times

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