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What Was Out of Stock or Noticeably More Expensive for You This Week?


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10 hours ago, Bad Doctor Frost said:

Which is still nearly double what it was just a few short years ago. Ahh, the good old days.

You misspelled triple...and yes, I DO have the receipts. 


I will refrain from other comments lest I offend the gods of no politics...

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On 5/29/2022 at 10:36 AM, centex said:

Too late now, but a lot of the appliances can be resurrected through the online availability of parts.  I've still got a Sears-purchased dryer that uses some generic parts and, across its 34 or so years, I might have dropped $30 into it.  Does it have fancy keypads?  Nah...but it dries the clothing. 


Browsing this thread a second time and am impelled to comment ...


We sold our Philly house in 2011, having resided 22 years.  We purchased a couple of Maytags that had the unique feature of disassembly, so that the drum and separate collapsed case would fit through the 30" door to the basement (with an immediate sharp turn to the left).


We knew of at least one homeowner who, in order to accommodate a full size washer/dryer, cut a hole in their 100 year old flooring and lower them through.  (Not something I would want to do with our "red" pine flooring at the time ... the red wasn't a stain, but natural aging.)


Just as with @centex's experience (sounds like her purchase was around the same time), we had minimal repair.  Pretty much a new belt on the dryer and maybe a couple of minor parts replacements. 


Upon sale of our house, we were proud to be passing on this sturdy pair to the new homeowner (a 60+ couple buying the house for their daughter who had just graduated from law school and would work in my former office tower just 6 blocks away).  Only catch was that the lid switch on the washer had worn, so we had to stick a penny in the gap to make it function properly.  (A new switch was quoted at $200+, with labor).


Well, prior to closing we got a communication from our buyer who acted like we were foisting off a lame elephant onto them and demanded a $250 purchase price adjustment (against a $375k sale). 


Bev and I were tempted to drive up to Philly and take the washer/dryer off their hands so that maybe they could get a good reality check when they went to replace the units and found out they were limited to a mediocre stacked apartment unit.  11 years later, Bev still burns a little when something reminds her of this. 😡)



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1 hour ago, Bad Doctor Frost said:

I'm not sure that's making the point you think it's making 😐



Maybe the numbers do support his sentiment ...


234% price inflation over 22 years translates to an annual inflation rate of 5.6% (compounded annually).  That compares with an overall annual inflation rate in the economy of about 3%. 


This suggests that the more heavily inflated gasoline costs during this period are likely "manageable", relative to one's overall budget and not prompting the eviction of people from their homes.

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