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Paid OC without condition when CA letter received, now OC says CA refused to remove from report

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Yes, I know this is my fault I'm in this pickle. History: My PCP has been our PCP for years, and I really like her. Late 2019 I got a bill that confused me (because I always pay immediately in office) and I put it off thinking I'd check in with them in person at my next appointment and pay. Then COVID hit and we never did go in because we were hiding and working at home. Come spring 2020 I get a letter from CA, I think OH NO I forgot, poor PCP I let her down. Called office directly and paid immediately. Yes, I should have stopped, taken a breath, and confirmed whether or not the CA had already reported, etc, but with COVID, there was so much going on with work, family, uncertainty. Well, I won't babble.


FF to now, guess who wants to buy a home in 2022? So I pull reports, and CA is reporting on all three as paid collection. I think, well, PCP understands. I contact office. Of course, it's PCP's bill processor who contacts me (not her) and tells me no go, and pretty much shames me for letting it go to collections in the first place.  However bill processor says they contacted CA, and CA refuses to remove correct reporting. I'm such a trusting dope.


CA is Pioneer Capital Solutions


So, @Why Chat - do I still have hope following your plan? Would being in Texas change any of it (with the stronger protections)? I'm guessing no on both, but I am here to humbly admit my error.

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No problem


Follow the guides



Send each CRA where this account is reporting  this;



from the HIPAA program 

https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


IF you get a deletion-- then you are "home free" if you don't get a deletion from 1 or more CRAs then send the reporting CA this;


if it is reporting as a paid collection



and send the CRAs this


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