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Whack a Mole With Collection Agency


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So I've had several medical collections in dispute with TU.  I got the results last night, both are being deleted.  An hour after I get that email I get another regarding a new collection account on EQ, it's the same damn collection agency putting one of the deleted accounts from TU onto the EQ file.  It was paid in full to the original creditor in Aug and never on the EQ report to begin with .  I filed the dispute this morning on EQ.  Is this a typical game others have seen?  What's the point to it?  It was paid in full prior to being added to my file so it will be deleted.  I hope they don't play this game with Experian as well.    

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When you dispute something on one bureau, the data furnisher may update the record on all of the bureaus to which they report.  


TU may have decided to suppress the TL from reporting (nothing is ever really deleted), but that has no bearing on what the other bureaus do with an update from a data furnisher.


Are you going through the Why Chat medical program for these?  


5 hours ago, H20eng said:

I filed the dispute this morning on EQ.


Allow some extra mailing time for the dispute.  I believe the 30-day investigation period begins on the day your CMRRR letter is received by the bureau.

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5 hours ago, H20eng said:

Live and learn I guess.  Didn't realize there was that much of a difference between online and written disputes.  


HUGE difference. 


The OTHER reason to do it in writing to the actual entity seeking to collect is that it places them on constructive notice that follows to any subsequent purchaser and lays the ground for a claim of continued collections if push comes to shove and you seek to litigate.  Online disputes to a bureau are lazy and don't give ANY manner of specificity.  Generic tripe begets generic tripe...

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