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Is Credit Karma a reliable place to check my credit score?

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Long story short I fell mentally ill and as a result of my mania I charged up my credit card accounts that I had managed rather flawlessly for years prior. I was considering filing for bankruptcy but a blessing in the form of a 94 year old senile driver struck me while I was crossing the street last September. As soon as I got my settlement a couple of months ago I got my power of attorney to start calling up debt collectors and began paying them off.


I settled with Synchrony Financial in August and just recently settled last week with a debt buyer that has a judgement against me. However I have yet to see my credit score increase or decrease from the debt settlement with Synchrony Financial. I'm wondering if this is due to Credit Karma not being reliable or due to Synchrony Financial being shady. When we agreed on a settlement amount they refused to send us anything in writing about the settlement offer and said they would report the payment to the credit agencies within 3 weeks of the payment but it's been 5 or 6 weeks with no report of any payment made on Credit Karma. 


I read online that Synchrony is shady and will sell off the difference in debt to another debt collector and attempt to screw the person who made the debt settlement over. For this reason I actually called them back and recorded the conversation while the debt collector told me the debt had been settled and I would receive a 1099-c form in the mail in Feb 2022. 


Anywho, should this lack of update on Credit Karma be of concern or is it due to them not being an actual credit reporting bureau?

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