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    • By Roddy1212
      Why Pay for someone to help you build your credit with this tool its very easy and will help you build credit back up in no time!
    • By Chriskinda
      I'm 3 for 3 on firm no's. I don't know what else to do. 
      All CEOs, or their staff, replied saying they are required to report accurate information. As far as I'm aware that is true, but technically, they can choose whether or not to report the account at all? Is it worth responding and telling them that, or am I just wasting my time? The worst ones are paid charge offs from 2017, so I suppose they won't be affecting my credit in the near future. 
      But the most recent is synchrony/paypal credit from 2020. Worst status 120 days late, not charged off, but last 30 day late was in January 2021. Then I paid it off completely. It's tanking my credit score and I really want to get a better interest rate on my car. Side note: being bipolar sucks. I was diagnosed in 2020, it consists of impulsive spending followed by months long depression. I've got a handle on it now that I know what I'm dealing with... But do I really need to wait 7 years to stop dealing with the consequences of my manic episodes?
       Thank you.
    • By Compton56
      Iv been battling this car loan late payment with Ally financial for a year now. Iv called and sent dispute/forgiveness letters to Ally trying to get the 30 days late payment removed but they wont budge. I've always paid a lil more then what's due. Because of Covid I looked up the Fair credit act to see if there's protections for us from having negative marks on our credit during the pandemic but still no luck for me. Does anyone have any suggestion for me this is my only late payment.
    • By Compton56
      I tried a 100 day trial for a mattress and didn't relies I was basically  taking out a small loan. Before the trial ended I refunded the mattress and they gave me back my money and now I have a closed installment account on my report.  All my payments where on time I just want to remove the closed account from my Experian credit report. My original dispute was rejected does anyone have any suggestions?
    • By Y2Kbtc
      Hello guys. I’m a 22 year old who got their first credit card last year. I ended up getting 3 and was VERY dumb with them. 
      I owe $500 to Discover, $460 to Macy’s & $1,200 to Nordstrom. I currently have closed accounts from all 3, but only Macy’s and Nordstrom have flagged my account as a charge off. 
      Is there is ANY way to get them to delete the “closed account” and “charge off” history off my credit report. I just got my tax returns and have enough to pay them all in full. All I want is to have a CLEAN credit report as if I had just started from scratch. 
      I just got off the phone with Nordstrom CC services and she told me they don’t do pay for delete, as they have to accurately update the credit bureau, but that if I fully pay, in 10 days, the balance on my account will update to zero, meanwhile if I do a settlement, it’ll update 30 days after the last payment has been received. 
      I asked if I could negotiate through mail, and she said all they could do is send me a “current status letter”. 
      I didn’t know this stuff stays on your report for 7 years. I really hate myself for this. 

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