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Help with removing re-aged account


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I have a personal loan installment account that has misinformation reported in the payment history. All the other credit bureaus removed it from my reports but Experian magically is showing payments made all of 2016 and then it’s showing a charge off in 2017. I put in two disputes and they both didn’t work and the account is still on my report. I filed a complaint with the consumer Financial protection bureau, and the company responded to my complaint and said they have no records of any payments being made in 2016, and that the last reported first delinquency date is June 2014. They also said that this account was properly reported to all credit reporting agencies. Experian won’t manually remove the account. Does anyone know how I can go about getting this removed? This account was also listed in my bankruptcy, but the re-aging and misinformation that was reported on this account was long before I filed. I just want it removed from my Experian report and haven’t haven’t had any luck so far...

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It sounds like you have solid confirmation from the creditor that the Date of First Delinquency is June 2014.  Forward that to Experian with the demand that this account be removed from your credit report as "obsolete" under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).


Now, as an aside, please understand that the FCRA actually provides removal of an account 7 years, 6 months after the "DOFD".  However, in practice, each CRA removes accounts after just 7 years.


You should be able to deal with this effectively by one of two avenues:


-- Go back to the creditor (directly ... CFPB is an ineffectual partner in most instances).  Acknowledge their statement that the DOFD is June 2014, meaning that the account became delinquent in that month and never was subsequently brought current.  Explain that the Experian reporting is at odds with this statement and consequently they haven't removed the account as having aged beyond the 7 permitted years of reporting (attach a copy of the EXP tradeline).  Request that they correct the inaccurate reporting, or simply ask Experian to remove the tradeline.


-- Send Experian a copy of the creditor letter that states the DOFD for this account is June 2014 and ask Experian to re-investigate and update the tradeline accordingly.


I always favor dealing with the creditor because they tend to me much more straightforward and responsive than the incredibly bureaucratic CRA's.  However, either approach should give you a reasonably direct means to deletion of this tradeline.


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Is this a paper report or online?


Something else to look at is whether there was a sale of the defaulted paper.  In some instances, there is a recording of the sale as a payment even though it does not reage the default for reporting purposes. 


What exactly did you list when you WROTE to Experian to dispute the item?  After all, I KNOW you are not going to tell us this was done online or telephonically...

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Thank you both for your replies. The disputes have been done online and over the phone. I will write hard copy letters to Experian, I just want to make sure I have sufficient proof. I don’t have the creditors company name on a letter stating that last reportedfirst delinquency date is June 2014. All I have is the creditors response to my complaint which does say that the last reported first delinquency date is June 2014 but it’s when I login to the consumerfinance.gov website and view the complaint I put in regarding the creditor. I saved it and submitted it online to Experian and they said “We reviewed the documentation you provided with your dispute, but determined that it was not sufficient to make the changes or deletions you requested”. 


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On January 22, 2014 I received the installment loan. Creditor says the last reported first delinquency date is listed as June 22, 2014, and the the loan charged off on September 21, 2014 due to nonpayment.


Couple years later I started getting letters and calls from IC Systems Inc. I didn’t know if they had purchased the loan or if they were just trying to collect on behalf of the creditor. All the false payments reported to my Experian report for the year of 2016 happened when IC Systems Inc got into the picture and started sending me mail and calling me. We never communicated.


I wonder if IC Systems Inc would have access to be able to do something shady like report false information, like reporting that I made payments all of 2016?

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