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Whenever I apply for a new credit card at the same time as my sister, the bank always rejects our requests on the basis of “duplicate application.” You tell me, do our Chinese names – “Xuanqing” and “Xuanshuang” – sound alike ?

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Another stupid WLB.

First of all, she must have the English skills of a dyslexic monkey is she believes that Chinese pronunciation follows the way we phonetically pronounce things in English. A prime example would be her family name of Wang. We would pronounce the "a" as the letter A in ABC. Chinese pronounce it as "ah" sounding like the "o" in bottle.

Not only do they butcher vowels, but they have consonant combinations that we would have no idea how to pronounce just looking at them. Take the very common last name Zhang. HTF would we pronounce "zh"? Chinese pronounce it as "J".

Regarding her credit applications, odds are she is confused. Unless their SSN and DOB match, odds are they will not be confused as the same person unless they've done something previously that caused the credit bureaus to indicate in their files that one person shares both SSNs and DOBs. Most likely they tried the common trick of separating their first names of Xuanqing and XuanShuang into the common US name style which includes a middle name. Xuan Q and Xuan S with the same address could be an issue.

Chinese butcher English names virtually 100% of the time. She needs to just STFU and get over it.

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