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Removing BofA Lates

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What method works best for removing 30/60/90 day lates from BofA?  CRA dispute?  Goodwill?  OC dispute?  We don't mind losing the age in the event the entire credit lines go away and I've got all 8 paper reports, one for each of us from the big 4.


I have two 30s, one from Feb 2016 and another from May of 2017.  My spouse is worse with five 30s, two 60s, and one 90 spread out between June 2015 and Dec 2017.


Both accounts are closed by lender.  Both were closed due to us being late on other credit cards and mortgage payments, not for being late on those particular BofA cards. 


If we can get rid of these, both our reports will be 100% squeaky clean.

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Goodwill is pretty much out of the question.  BA’s official policy is a flat “no”.  There are infrequent anecdotes where they agree to remove a single “30”, but those are by far an exception.  So, yeah, CRA disputes are your “best” prospect.  

With 2 “30”s, you might try a goodwill request on your account with BA, citing solid exceptional factors that were responsible.  But if you should also have a handful of < 30d delinquencies on the account as well, that will likely appreciably slim your chances for success.


The spouse’s report is reliably a “no go” for BA goodwill.


As far as your dispute prospects, I have nothing solid to go by, but my gut strongly assumes that BA is on top of CRA disputes like a hawk and will reliably affirm the current reporting in response to a dispute through a CRA.  That’s not to say it’s not worth the attempt; but I suggest you keep expectations modest.

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