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Citi texted me yesterday reminding me my payment was due today, then they emailed me this morning about it, but I paid the card off 3 days ago.

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6 hours ago, butterflywings said:

Good morning. Happy Labor Day, everyone.


I don't understand why Citi keeps contacting me. I paid off the $605 balance Friday, my account online shows a zero balance.

Should I reach out to them, or just ignore the notifications?


Ignore it.  They are bot auto contacts.  I get the same emails from CITI on my BB account and it was annoying me too until I saw one phrase in all of them: "if you have already made a payment please ignore this email/text/whatever".

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I'm mildly surprised at how much room for improvement there is in these megabanks' IT rigs.  I paid my Sapphire Preferred card online around 8 or 9pm (Central) on the due date,  got a confirmation number, saw in my BofA app that the ACH debit was already pending, and after midnight I still got an "Action required!" email from Chase stating "we have not yet received your payment."


I figure they run a batch at say 8pm in order to have that day's payments ready to submit to NACHA before the same-day deadline, and that the same batch produces their "haven't paid yet" list that creates the email distro.  If I'm right about this I still see no reason why they can't run a 5-minute batch after midnight just to catch the names of everyone who's paid up by then.  It would save them some embarrassment in front of customers who instead are left wondering who's minding the store.

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Well I am always an advocate for double checking stuff.


T-Mobile tried to pull some crap on me the other day. I switched the card I was using for my autopay. I get a $15 a month discount for using autopay and I switched the card to my AmEx for the $5 monthly bill credit for cell phones. Anyway, out of nowhere I get a text saying my T-Mobile account is past due. I go on their website, and autopay is still turned on. They just decided not to charge my card for this month because I changed the card. Why wouldn't they make the payment if autopay was still turned on? To me, it seems like they were trying to generate an unearned late fee. They didn't charge me one, but I guarantee you that is where the situation was headed. 

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Sending millions of personalized emails isn't as simple as you emailing eleven people by opening a new message in Mail or Outlook and adding eleven names from Contacts and then hitting Send.


There is some lead time involved.


I fly multiple times a month, and almost every month when AA emails me my AAdvantage mileage balance it's already out of date.


If you pay attention you will notice a number of similar examples.




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The automatic payment reminders really bug me (even if I'm the one who activated the option!) .  I tend to schedule payments when a statement arrives and then forget about it.  With a payment having been scheduled for at least 2 weeks, I see no reason to send out a payment reminder; obviously the matter is in hand.


The reminder will have me scrambling when I have a minute or two to check to see if I have a payment already scheduled.  More than once I've bungled that and set up a duplicate payment, with both unexpectedly clearing my checking account. 


This sequence actually happened with a Chase account last month, where I wound up making a duplicate $1500 payment on the 25th, with the original scheduled payment hitting the account on the 29th.  (And, yeah, I should be more careful ... so I'll put myself at the head of the line of those responsible ;) )

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