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The whereabouts of your cards, redux

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It's been a coupla years since I first posted this topic - can't find the original via searchage - so I figured I'd check to see how everyone's doing.


There was a brief window on Saturday afternoon when I couldn't confirm the whereabouts of my new Barclay's Aviator mastercard or my Discover card, but the Barclay's card was in my back pocket and Discover was on the center bookshelf where I'd left it.


I also couldn't tellya where my BCE card that expired on 8/30 has gone to, but of course the new one is here now.  Also U.S. Bank has sent me my new contactless Platinum, though since I've no clue where the old one is, I'm not able to confirm if that's an expiration date thing or just a we're-upgrading-to-contactless thing.


My Bloomingdale's store card is lost to the ages but since they changed it to an AmEx I've no interest in it anymore (didn't really have oodles o interest in it before, either).


Hoping to find my other AmEx card ere long - I'm traveling in a few weeks.  : /


It's two o'clock*  -  do you know where your credit cards are?





* Central time

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I have a "Little Bo Peep" relationship with my most active cards. 


I'll mislay one after having removed it from my wallet and not replacing it, unable to find it when I want it.  It'll surface at its leisure after a couple of days.

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I have a three ring binder with a zipper around it so things don't fall out. I use plastic inserts that are sold to organize baseball cards, but they work great for credit cards. I keep my active use cards in my wallet, and pull from the binder for special use, making sure that it goes back in the binder.


(This makes me sound soooo organized, but don't ask me about the missing Krugerrands that turned up two years later in a courier bag that I was sure I had completely cleaned out!😖)

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7 hours ago, hegemony said:

I have a dedicated place in my gun safe for the ones I'm not using. The rest are in my wallet unless I happen to be cleaning and turtle waxing them.

Oh, do you spend a lotta time polishing your plastic?


I have my wallet, a credit card binder in my desk, and I keep one extra card with a small limit in the car. My husband forgets his wallet sometimes, so keeping an emergency one in the car is important. 

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