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BMO Harris or AAA Member Rewards?


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Chase exercised some fine print from my Freedom Flex app, such that I do not have a 0% BT offer.


Some of y'all know about my mild obsession with expanding the List O' Underwriters Who Like Me, which puts BMO Harris on deck.  However I am also eyeing AAA Visa (even though that's underwritten by BOA, who are already in my credit harem).


Appeals of each card are as follows:


AAA Visa:

1) Approval just feels likely, since BOA has only prospered via my Platinum Plus Visa and Cash Rewards Mastercard.

2) AAA vibes.  Not really sure what that is, but it just seems like you can't go wrong with anything that's got anything to do with AAA. I am a 150% satisfied AAA Plus member and actually, the fact that I don't carry their Visa card makes my belonging-to-AAA feel somehow incomplete.  : /

3) My mom got rejected for this card.  I saw the rejection letter on the kitchen counter in 1991, while she was selling the house yo move across the country leaving me homeless while still in my teens.  (She was an asshole in ninety-five other ways, but I doubt that the cc approval would remedy that in any way.  I also doubt that at my age I'd find any value in adolescently spiteful crappicus.  (But I could be wrong on both counts  :D )


BMO Harris mastercard:

1) New-to-me underwriter.  Meh.

2) I still live in BMO's footprint.  There's currently a slight chance that a year from now I'll be living in Texas - the slightness of that chance can't be overstated but there it is.  (Unless BMO Harris card offerings aren't geo-restricted in the first place?)

3) Approval feels much more dicey, considering I already have three inquiries in the past 60 days.  My scores are EQ 750,  TU 754, EX 775 but that's without my new $17,200 Freedom Flex line reporting yet. I have checking & savings accounts at BMO Harris that have always been in good standing.  (I'm including "approval feels dicey" as a reason to apply because it's more exhilarating.)


So... which way do I go here?




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12 hours ago, swimmingwithsharks said:

Which card's reward program better fits your spending pattern, and/or fills a gap in the reward structures of your existing cards? 









Do you not realize whom you're talking to here?


Things that matter include: which banks have better logos; which underwriters haven't yet made an appearance on my List; which banks have payment centers in towns I haven't yet sent mail to; how much am I squeezing out of my AAA membership; how can I best spite my evil mother; how to address the asymmetry of me having four accounts at BofA and only two at BMO Harris; which banks have cooler headquarters buildings...


...and you come in here and start talking about "structures" and "better fits?!?!?!?"


Young man; I will see YOU after class.  





(But yeah, AAA Visa gives 3% back on travel & AAA dues, 2% on gas & grocery, 1% on everything else and $200 SUB after $1,000 spend.  BMO is just 2% on gas & groc under a $2,500 quarterly cap and the SUB requires $2K spend.  However... logos.  : / )


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On 8/31/2021 at 12:29 AM, Sidewinder said:

Chase exercised some fine print from my Freedom Flex app, such that I do not have a 0% BT offer.


Chase just emailed me that I now have a 0% BT offer on my Freedom Flex card.


(Obviously this frees me from fretting over which other card(s) out there I might get approved for.  BMO & AAA will wait another 9-12 months I suppose.  But what the heck caused Chase, who loved me (and my Sapphire account) enough to grant me a $17K line to deny yes DENY me a BT offer, if this is now how they feel about me, all of two months later?  : /   )

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Ok, I'll "bite" this time around ... you're saying that Chase approved you for the card, but withheld the intro 0% bt stated in the card offer?


I'd say that's the screwiest thing I've heard out of Chase; yet given the fact that they suspended my 0% bt offers on my cards with them for about 6 mo (and apparently those of many others), I suppose this doesn't put the action totally out in left field.  Still, I haven't heard of similar experience posted to the internet (to my knowledge).


Re the BA AAA card:  I joined AAA last year when I thought I might take advantage of their services to register our new car.  (As it was, it turned out more convenient to courier the paperwork to the state via our ins agent.)  Like you, the AAA card, as an auxiliary to the membership, had some appeal.  Yet, like you, I was experiencing a bit of a mania to acquire another credit line.


Well, this is the first card that I've opened in more than 10 years for which I now question why I've bothered.  Looks like I'll dump it at some point and request realloc of the CL.

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