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On disability living in nursing home. Owe $300 each to Credit One and PayPal Credit with no way to pay them.

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I am permanently disabled. All but $30 a month of my disability goes to the nursing home and I have no extra money, no one to help me pay, and nothing of value to sell. Already contacted both Credit One and PayPal Credit and explained my situation and asked if they would accept $15 a month and both said no.

I’m not concerned over my credit score at all.  I just want to know if either will sue me over the $300 and try to take my government disability check. 

thanks for any advice or help

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On 8/29/2021 at 1:22 AM, redneckogre said:

You are definitely judgement proof. I would call them and tell them that you can't pay and that you are on SS. They will probably leave you alone. Or, when they call you again tell them to NOT call you anymore and they probably won't. Good luck either way and I'm sending lots of positive energy brother. Peace


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6 hours ago, nyquil556 said:


I’ve talked to several different people at Credit One and they all told me to get a family member to pay them. I explained I have no one. They told me to get another job even after I explained I’m bedridden living in a nursing home. 

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