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Need some advice on dispute follow - up, please

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Hi, everyone ! I'm in the  process of credit bureau disputes. I'm having the most luck with Experian, which is odd to me, lol. I got 4 baddies deleted from them yesterday. One baddie ' closed ' by Transunion, but not deleted. Nothing at all from Equifax yet, nothing is even marked as disputed. Anyway, my plan is to hit the remaining baddies with a 623, once the investigations are complete, but I have a couple of questions. To start, do I need to wait for all three bureau investigations to be complete first ?


Because Equifax seems to be ignoring me so far ( I did only send the letters the week before last though, so I could just be paranoid about that ). Or can I send after Transunion & Equifax wrap up theirs ? My other question is can I also send the bureaus a MOV letter for what they don't delete, or will that mess up the 623 process ? I know that I have to dispute with the bureaus first, but I'm unsure about the MOV. I'm out of the SOL for everything, I'm in PA where the SOL is 4 years & these are all 5 years, so I'm not worried about being sued. Thanks so much for any answers !

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You should always wait for the bureau to complete their investigation before sending a new letter. They will ignore another dispute or they will add 15 more days to their time to investigate, which may harm your chances of getting something deleted. Personally, I haven't had much luck at all with Experian, even when I provided them proof of inaccuracies, so you must be doing something right!


I was able to get my TransUnion and Equifax reports clean. For one thing, you can keep disputing the accounts. You just have to look for different reasons. What information doesn't match or looks inaccurate? As long as you don't send the exact same letter, you can keep disputing. Sometimes, that is just what it takes. On some of these older accounts you mentioned, they may have gotten deleted because the creditor was not able to verify the information within 30 days, especially if you sent a generic letter such as a 623. If TransUnion or Equifax changed it, but didn't delete, then they may have added new inaccurate information that you can dispute. Wait for their letters in the mail and use the information they send you. 

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