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CapOne Venture -> Quicksilver, but NO: CapOne Venture ->Savor, SavorOne


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So I decided to try converting my CapOne Venture to a Savor One but two separate reps on two separate calls (tried X2) noted currently the only offers (the call them upgrades :D )were to the Quicksilver or VentureOne (no annual fee cards).   Rather then close the credit line I decided to take the Quicksilver offer and leave it open in the hopes that CapOne will eventually offer a Silver line card that has rotating or eligible 5% categories (like Citi just did and like Chase, Discover, BoA with premier rewards does).  One of the reps said something interesting, he noted in past it seemed sometimes they did allow conversions to Savor line but it seemed to come and go for extended periods of time (its a computer telling them as they both looked and gave the same response, and I highly doubt my credit, income, or anything else in my history would keep me from qualifying for a Savor card).  It is possible that when they want more Savor cards in the mix they allow this.    As a follow up to this I will try in a couple of months to Convert the Quicksilver to a Savor or Savor One (Im curious enough to see if they will convert it to one with an annual fee if given the chance :D  ).  My only issue with Quicksilver is it is inferior to my WF Active cash which is 2% back, but that does not mean I would not keep it around for any special CapOne deals (they have click through deals like Chase and Amex now).  If they decide to go the same route as most other large CC issuers and make a rotating cash back 5% in the quicksilver line I will definitely turn it into that.  Anyway just keeping everyone updated as I said I would. 



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There is also one more potential incentive that I had not considered.  It is possible the Quicksilver will be issues as a Mastercard, although there are mixed reports that if it was converted from a Visa it will stay as a Visa.  I will update when it arrives as it does not say anywhere in any of the online documents sent.  The incentive for me as a MC is that I already have 2 AMEX and 4 Visa so it would be nice to be able to look at the mastercard travel portal as one more option to scan for deals (https://travel.mastercard.com/product/mastercard/homepage)

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