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Pay for Delete? Want to do it the right way

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I have two medical items at a CA.


One is on my credit.    Dental company.  


The dental company zeroed out my bill as a courtesy.  


They sent me docs to say my account is paid in full.   Actually that there was no bill aka I owe them nothing. 


Now, if I send that to the CA (radius solutions) will they totally remove the mark on my credit, or just keep it on there and say 'PAID IN FULL'.


I would rather have it not even listed....aka totally removed from my credit reports. 



The second one, Quest Diagnostic, is with radius solutions CA as well.


Now, if I pay radius, they say they will mark it paid in full.  

So do I pay direct to Quest?    And how do I make SURE that the quest mark, if it lands on my credit, is deleted?













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