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Unauthorized debit transactions reported to ChexSystems?

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If I have unauthorized debits in my checking account where hackers got my card info, and then I have to dispute the charges, can that show up as a derogatory item in my ChexSystems report?


I have checking accounts at two different banks.  Recently I noticed a bunch of unauthorized charges in one of them and I made a dispute which is currently under investigation.  This is the second time I have had unauthorized debits on that account within the last five years, and it is my second dispute.  Can Bank #1 report these unauthorized transactions to Bank #2 via ChexSystems?  If so, I assume I should take out some cash just in case I have to deal with an account freeze/closure.  I have seen horror stories about that when I was researching my identity theft.  Since I did not make these transactions, I do not think Bank #1 should report this to ChexSystems, but if they do I understand it is possible for Bank #2 to get this information as an update which can lead to problems with that other bank.  How does this work?  Do you think I should take out some cash just in case?  The investigation is supposed to take 10 days.



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Chexsystems is usually not an issue for temporary overdrafts or unauthorized charges.

It may factor in if the charges are not resolved, and the account charges off.


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