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Dealer holding up title on used car

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We live in another state and bought and financed a late model used car from a non-franchise dealer in Colorado. The financing is a third party bank. They never mailed the title and now our revenue department is requesting it to tag the car, as they always have. The dealer is telling us that they sent it to the lender and don’t have it anymore, which is standard in Colorado and we should not need it to register the vehicle. Something doesn’t seem right, as we have always received an assigned title when purchasing vehicles, even when financed. Is it true that this is a standard process in Colorado or are they giving us the run around?

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The only thing I know about Colorado, is that is where Denver is located.   When I do an out of the state finance deal, I have an outside agency hired to complete the paperwork and pass the costs to the purchaser.

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There should be a process by which you can get a duplicate title. 


When I bought out of State about 16 years ago, the dealership actually mailed me the hard copy.  The original did not arrive.  They took the steps to get a second one.  I have no idea why they didn't send it to Ford, but it made my registration in Texas a whole lot easier when I finally got around to it.

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OP is not clear on whether this is an out of state purchase or not.


When I bought a vehicle near Chicago, the dealership mailed me the original Illinois title to the vehicle. Then I took the Illinois title to Indiana BMV along with my loan documents and applied for an Indiana title and plates.


Your state's motor vehicle registry can request the title from the lender to make corrections or issue a new title if required. The form here in Indiana is called "Request Title to Perfect Lien". BMV sends that to the lienholder in order to obtain a title to make corrections.

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