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8 to 10 business days to get a pin for my cc RIDICULOUS!!!!

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I had my credit cards with me.  I needed access to a cash advance but didn't know my 4 digit pin because i never needed it.  My credit is excellent.  Called my cc companies to obtain my pin  but NO!  Won't give me my PIN over the phone and it will take 8-10 business days for them to send it to me.  Seriously?  Fraud has ruined this Country  sooooo Bad  and I am soooooo  Pissed about it!  What irritates me though is I give my cc info out for some site that is out of the ordinary or late at night and my cc company flags it and then calls or texts me to make sure it is me.  OK,  thats cool,  they are trying to prevent identity theft by making sure i am the owner of the account.   I text back  yes this is me and VOILA!  Everything is good to go,  go ahead and use your card.  Seriously????   but You can't give me my frickin PIN number for a lousy 200 buck ATM withdrawal  over the phone when i know ALL the questions to prove it is me??  I give them  My name,  social security #,  my address,  my account number, my card number expiration date.  3 number verification on the back of the card, all the answers to my verification questions i set up!   License, REGISTRATION!!!!!  Seriously?????  for a lousy 200 cash advance?  I think my Maximum cash advance is 500.  But i could charge like 1000 or more and all you need is my text back saying its me.  BULLSHIT!!!!

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 PINs are annoying, but among the many great features of credit cards is zero liability for unauthorized use.


You have the right to safeguard your money how you see fit (put it in a savings account, in a safe, in your underwear drawer), and so do card issuers/banks with their money.  


Cash advances are by nature riskier than purchases, especially when you don't have a history of using the feature on your account, so there is additional security in place that's appropriate for the risk involved.


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@Namah , I very much grasp your frustration.  There's no question that if an issuer wanted to confirm that it was me on the phone, they could do so very much to their satisfaction for most any purpose.  So, I ask you to consider the possibility that instant availability of a PIN has to do with some other precaution than strictly identity.


I'll suggest that if a scammer could induce a cardholder to obtain a pin with a single phone call, that this would quickly become one of the biggest sources of credit card fraud.  An scam installer sells a homeowner on home service and tells him/her that they can't accept credit card payment, but for a cash payment up front he can offer a 30% discount.  He graciously offers to assist the homeowner in securing a cash a cash advance from an ATM with a quick call to their issuer.


Scam artists are incredibly persuasive (they read their "marks" like the back of an envelope.  And a cash score is the best score of all.  Introducing some delay when a cardholder suddenly wants an impromptu cash advance isn't such a bad thing.


Of course, the back up is to proceed to a bank and do an in-person cash advance.  This may mean waiting for the next business day, but inserts an intermediary into the transaction who is in a position to modestly assess if any coercion may be involved in the transaction and advise appropriately.

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Every credit card I've received (that's more than 20) has arrived with a welcome-to-your-new-credit-card letter outlining the benefits of the card, including the availability of a PIN for cash advances.  The procedure for obtaining the PIN is either explained in the letter or available upon a call to the customer service number.  Also available from those same sources is the length of time it will take to receive your PIN.


I would suggest being more proactive in requesting and maintaining your PIN as soon as the credit card account is opened.  It will lead to mellower days for you (and mellower posts for CB).

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