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How can I get 2 year old late payments removed from current auto loan.

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I have an auto loan that I am still paying on. I was late a few times over 2 years ago.  How do I get those late payments removed? I tried disputing and they verified the late payments. I tried a good will letter and that didn't work. I made large lump sum payments on the account and asked them over the phone to remove the late payments and that didn't work.  Any ideas? The loan is financed with M & T bank. The late payments are stopping me from obtaining new auto financing although my scores are in the mid 700s. 



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By themselves a handful of 2+ year auto loan lates shouldn't stop you from getting auto financing today.  


To whom did you send the goodwill letter, and was this before or after you disputed the trade line?



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Concurring with CV...a few lates on an otherwise clean report shouldn't be an obstacle with most lenders.  I could see a JJ Best or other collectible financier being concerned, but one of the major mass producers isn't going to sweat a few lates on a current account.  If you were upside down by a bunch, I COULD see that being problematic...

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And, just to tackle this from another angle ... who denied your credit application because of the late marks?  It may be that someone has constructive suggestions on what might smooth that difficulty over with that/these specific issuer(s).

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