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    • By KKP
      Need some help or a sample letter to dispute.
      I have progressive reporting one amount on my credit report, they also sent account to a collection agency who is also reporting on the account with a different amount. How can I go about challenging for removal?
    • By Genie
      My auto loan by Santander Consumer USA reported a 30 day late mark for March 2020 on my credit report. Before they reported this I had contacted them and they said they were assisting customers due to the pandemic. They agreed I could make my payment later and that I wouldn't have any lateness reported. I sent them a letter to request the removal of the late mark. I have a perfect 100% punctual payment record with them for over a year. This is the one late mark and it's due to a pandemic. After seeing they didn't remove I filed a dispute with the credit bureau as one of their reps suggested. I then received a letter from them stating the following:
      We have investigatedyour dispute and verified the information provided to the National Credit Reporting Agencies is accurate. It is our policy to report allcustomer accounts to the credit reporting agencies in a consistent and accurate manner.
      On the bureau dispute they also left the late mark for March and updated my newer payments. How can I get this late mark removed?
    • By PatrickMetro
      Has anyone considered adding people to a tradeline and getting paid a fee after they show up on the new report?    It would consider it would help people that want to get larger lines to get a quick add bump?
    • By Zanshiro
      At least it wasn't FICO Ultra....I'm sure everyone would line up for their Freedom Unlimited score!
    • By lukegotswag
      Ok so I paid for the yearly monitoring after taking a look to see which bureaus are most beneficial to have regular monitoring here on the boards. Nonetheless, now that I've given them my $130 I am very confused about something that hopefully you guys can assist me with....
      I am seeing two different score when I log into the report and need to know which one is relevant. When i first pull a new report, on a page sharing only my business name and a notification that says if I am on a Downward trend or upward trend, there is a score that says..
      SCORE .. of which mine is a 17 (it does note the date next to this of 6/4/13 thought my report is dated today)
      And then when you pull up the actual report and see all of the detailed information, there is a part that shows..
      CREDIT RANKING SCORE ... mine is a 54
      Which score am i paying attention to.. which is most relevant if not both.. and how do you have a 17 and a 54.. please do clarify whoever may be more seasoned in Experian and their scoring. Thanks in advance.

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