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49 tweet twitter thread on hacking you fico


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Hey all...


LONG time since I have shown my face around here.  I hope everyone is doing well on their journey.


I did a twitter thread today on 'how to hack' your fico.  Pointed people a couple times to CB


Please give the tweet some likes and retweets and let me know if I left anything vitally important out.  



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I wouldn't necessarily say those were 'hacks' in the sense that people would consider the term.  There is some useful information for the new-to-credit individual.  I would not have dissuaded the annual fee products so out of hand though..the key to AF is whether you can extract at least the value from the card that the fee will cost you. 

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Nice! I tried the $2 thing a few times. Chase, Discover, and Penfed all credited my account the $2 and reported $0 to the credit agencies. I then tried $5 and Penfed and Discover paid it again. So, I went with $10 for a while. I recently tried $5 and they all reported correctly. I did the $5 with two Chase cards, two Penfed cards, Discover, US Bank, BoA Amex, Citibank, and Home Depot store card. I haven't tracked the affect on my score. I let a small balance report to show activity and keep the accounts from being closed. Last month, I let $5 report on my Citi card that I hadn't used in 19 months and they gave me a $2,000 CLI to $18k. 



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