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Paid off Student Loan in Full


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Hello, I am new to Credit Boards.  I had a student loan that I exhausted the deferment period.  I had 3-4 consecutive months where I defaulted because funds were scarce.  I then enrolled in school (online) to buy myself time to begin repaying the loans.  My mom decided to give me the money to pay off the loans in full.  I did just that and guess what happened?  Yep!  My score dropped about 30-something points.  Now that you have the history, here are my questions:

1.  I would like to know if I should reach out to the lender if it is possible to remove the months where I didn't make payments.  

2.  How/What should I do to increase my score due to me restarting the clock on these loans?


Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.


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Goodwill adjustments generally won't occur, especially if these were federal loans. 


You don't say where the scores came from, so the impact may be less than you imagine.  However, if this was ALSO your only loan product, you are likely in a new score-bucket (see segmentation). 


For others coming along, if the default was actually a default as opposed to a few missed payments, then ALWAYS explore rehabilitation of the loans.  This allows the old reporting to be deleted and the loans refinanced elsewhere (ie. Nelnet/SoFi/similar).  Rehabilitation is, as I recall, a ONE TIME ONLY option and is a six-month period...

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