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Is there a reason you are looking for them to use THAT specific version?  I think trying to find a lender that uses both Equifax, and then that particular version might be a needle in a haystack situation, and you never know who may have upgraded at any point in time.  Additionally, the last couple of times I have purchased a vehicle multiple bureaus were pulled, so even then you may not get exactly what you are hoping for...


What are you trying to accomplish?  You may be in a better position than you think.  If you fill out Marv's application thread he will let you know if he thinks you can get approved based on his many years in the business (emphasizing this is his opinion based on experience and not any type of actual approval.), or just ask your questions here.

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Thanks. Haven't purchased a vehicle in a long time and am researching things. One other question, wife has better credit but will need my income. What's is best way to get best rate,me as cosigner or the joint credit app with her first? I can probably qualify on my own as I have very low dti with scores in low 600s but I'm looking for the cheapest rate. Thanks

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Check DCU for auto loan rates.  

Over time they've come up over and over again for offering decent auto loan rates for people with profiles that need some time to heal.


I doubt if they do deep subprime , but that isn't where you are.  That last comment was for others who might read this thread later.



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Agree with CV on DCU, or if you are eligible NFCU may also be a good option for a loan without usurious rates.  A good F&I guy at the dealership will likely be able to get you approved as well, possibly even with the captive lender, depending on other factors (like down payment). 


You can list your household income on the application provided your wife has access to those funds.  In this case you may be able to have her apply for the loan solo and use your combined incomes.  I have done this on all our car purchases for the last ~13 years - individual applications either for myself or my wife, and never was questioned by the lender (BMW and Audi multiple times, Ally, Lexus, Toyota) or asked for any PoI...however we were always qualified for the top tier credit wise so there could be different requirements.

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