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New CC - "Custom Cash" by Citi

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I searched for it, but didn't see one anyway, feel free to delete if it's a duplicate!






Looks pretty solid, and as it auto-structures 5% to a category it's used on the most, I think that has a place in practically every wallet.  Might take me a few months testing to get it sorted what Citi calls what (Since my experiences there tell me no CSR will have a clue), but when I do, that's a solid spend in whichever Disco/Chase don't want to put at 5% for that month.  Thoughts?  I will likely apply this weekend when I have some free time.

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Thank you for posting this.  


They've managed the caps differently than some of the other "5% category" cards (Citi is $500/month vs. the others being more flexible with $1,500 for the quarter, regardless of month) but with the occasional exception of home improvement stores, that wouldn't be a problem for most of these.


This would be a good gas card for us, and it would be hard to beat for groceries for households that don't spend significantly more than $500/month.


I'm seriously considering this for gasoline.


Restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, select travel, select transit, select streaming services, drugstores, home improvement stores, fitness clubs, live entertainment.

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i was alerted to this card via AwardWallet yesterday:   https://awardwallet.com/blog/citi-custom-cash-review/


Decent card, but I'm modestly averse to any "ThankYou" rewards cards from Citi ... if for no other reason than points expire.  (My bad, but I tend not to redeem for long periods and don't actively monitor point status.)


That, notwithstanding, I expect to end up with a couple of these cards in our household.  Citi has been actively soliciting a voluntary product change out of our Dividend Platinum Select cards (one of which is 32 years old, the other 16).  With monthly 5% rewards on your highest spend  in the 10 assigned bonus spend categories, this card most closely matches the features of Dividend (vs other available Citi products).  I fully expect that they'll ultimately force a conversion of Dividend cardholders over to this card (without the $200 SUB benefit).


Btw, @Nocturne, Citi provides a fairly detailed summary as to what types of charges are assigned to each of the bonus spend categories:



"Custom Cash" bonus point structure is an improvement over the typical "enroll in/choose the quarter bonus category" cards.


-- You automatically qualify for 5% rewards in your highest bonus spend category; no quarterly enrollment necesssary.

-- Monthly 5% category assignment enhances rewards earning potential:  A strong spend in one category in January and in another category in February can both qualify for 5% rewards by virtue of monthly category determination.

-- An offset to this boosted earn potential is that a $1500 quarterly cap on other cards means that up to $1500 spend in a single month can qualify.  Citi caps at $500/month.  Larger spends in a bonus category would need to be spread across months to fully earn 5%.




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