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Experience with Biotel/Cardionet/BYK

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Hey - could use some help here. I'm livid. Perfect payment history, no collections and basically perfect credit score in danger of taking a hit because of Biotel/BYK collections.

Long story short, I had some skipped heartbeats - went to go see my cardiologist and I received a "Biotel" holter monitor. I wore it for a few weeks, sent it back, got the results from my doctor.. and I thought that was it. My doctor charged me for what the insurance didn't cover but I had no expectation that I'd be charged directly by Biotel.


I logged into my insurance claim section and noticed that I possibly owed them 30 dollars - so with this info I started to look into it by calling them, emailing them or trying to pay online through their website. They were east coast so calling them during the day didn't work well but I got in touch with them and was told to talk to "Cardionet" when I spoke with Cardionet, they said they would xfer me to "BYK" that's when it hit me these lowlifes forwarded a 30 dollar account to collection.


At this point I'm at a loss on what to do. I can't stop seeing red. This isn't a bill I purposely ignored - they never invoiced me for it and a quick stop at BBB.org shows that biotel basically just uses BYK as their billing department.

Here's my question: I'm nervous about validating the debt with the collection agency at this point but I also been reading about medical collections and apparently the 3 bureaus won't report it until its 180 days past due. I'm probably a little over 60 now. If I spoke with these people and paid it, will it not show on my credit in a few months? In other words, if I pay it before the bureaus start reporting it? Has anyone had experience or success with it?

Alternative I could do the debt validation approach and I been reading that medical collections under 100 dollars with the new scoring models don't hurt as much but just the fact that's its going to be on there for 7 freaking years because of shoddy business practices on an otherwise perfect record is beyond frustrating.


Thoughts? I've tried contacting the Biotel leadership team on linkedin, my wife had a similar issue with a water subscription company and she got them to pull back the collections and paid the small amount she owed.

It's baffling that I pay many accounts per month on time for many many years and this 30 dollar thing I had no awareness of is going to hurt my credit.

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I suggest you pay it to Biotel and NOT to the CA. Do it by phone or over the internet at their payment portal. Use a debit card or credit card. DO NOT mail them a check as they will sign it over to the CA.

Meanwhile follow the steps in this guide;



opting out will help prevent your data being sold to data miners and having a good record of your reports ( if you don't already have them) may help you if something crops up in the future.


I doubt very much that it would or could ever report as it is under $100.

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