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Buying a home, dealing with an old debt

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Hello CB

Currently in the process of purchasing a home, and an old debt is currently showing up on my wife’s credit report. It’s a credit card from Wells Fargo that she owned many many years ago. 

Her brother, who’s now deceased, used the credit card without her consent, and ran up multiple charges. She never filed a police report, and never paid back the debt he was responsible for. 

Ten years has passed, and the issue has been dormant until now. She tried to dispute the issue through Experian, but they denied her without a police report. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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I assume that this is listed as owned by a collection company (it's very unlikely that WF would themselves be reporting a debt that's 10 years old, with the permissible reporting having lapsed and enforcement of the debt likely being time barred).  Please confirm what entity's name shows on the credit report as "owner/lender".


The best way to get this removed will be to convince the CRA's that the 7 year reporting has lapsed.  That may take documentation and you may require the assistance of the original lender.  There are others here better prepared to offer advice on this.  However, first, it's essential to understand who is reporting the debt and who currently owns it (the information from the credit report trade line should clarify this).



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It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late to go the ID theft route on this.


If the DOFD is 10 years ago, this should have stopped reporting 3 years ago.  


How certain are you of the DOFD?



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With a reference to this being at least ten years beyond the delinquency event, I am curious HOW this is being reported and by WHAT entity.  It also begs the question of whether this is a judgment popping up, in which case the judgment will still need to be addressed in some manner to close the loan...

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