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Being new to the credit game with 1 credit card just under 6 months old and nothing else  how did I get an experian fico 8 of 749 as shown on creditscorecard.com ?? . I have spent the last 5+months reading what I could in my spare time. I was under the impression fico 8 scores would normaly be much lower than vantagescore 3.0 (706).

I just dont get it. Seems to me they would start you out somewhere in the middle of the scoring range and go from there depending on how you handled credit?.



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You will have better luck going into a round room and finding a corner to sit in than you will trying to make sense of Vantage Skores. 


Also remember that FICO 8 is only useful to you if the prospective lender uses the same flavor of FICO 8.  The various shiny baubles like people to believe that the three-digit number THEY give means something.  However, it is apples to oranges except and unless your prospective lender uses the precise model the free score produced...

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